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Have you ever considered just how many consumables it takes for your company to run smoothly? Labels, tapes, books, pads, envelopes, folders, bags, packaging, cards, tags, printer cartridges – the list is endless. And overseeing each item is almost a full-time job in itself. There’s paperwork to fill out, funds to requisition, orders to place, shipments to track – and whether the task belongs to one person or many, it requires a huge investment of time, money, and resources. Surely there is an easier way?

Thankfully, the answer is yes – with ItemControl. An innovative software driven system designed to manage all your consumable needs from start to finish; ItemControl has one end goal – to ensure your peace of mind. Partner with ItemControl and you’ll enjoy a multitude of increased efficiencies with just one purchase order, one invoice and one payment – instantly eliminating issues such as wastage, running out, and hidden costs. All of which adds up to more time, more money and more productivity for you. Start streamlining your company’s operations and take back control with ItemControl today.

ItemControl offices and warehouse is situated in Kaymore Industria, Stikland. From this base, we distribute to our clients various branches nationwide across South Africa, using only meticulously selected partners from our distribution network.

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Our Services

A new revolution in consumables management

  • Design

    Every item needs to be designed, spec'd and controlled to ensure that it is fit-to-purpose, cost effective to procure or manufacture and easy to use. The number 1 rule here is to standardize where possible.

  • Procurement

    This process happens every time an item needs to be re-ordered (consumables). Often this is crisis management because you have run out of the item. Someone took the last one and didn’t say anything.

  • Bulk Storage

    Is 100% stock accuracy, 100% of the time a realistic standard and expectation? It is when ItemControl handles the warehousing of your bulk stock and the distribution thereof to all your branches.

  • Usage

    How is this item used and what does that cost? Ensuring you are never under or over stocked and that you never run out of stock. How does usage and the cost thereof compare to budget?

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